The Sky is Falling #6

Click here to read Part I Part VI “Claire” George cuddled up to me. We were in the terrace, lying on the mat, gazing up at the queer sky.I looked at a reddish black sky and he, at a dark green. We were special indeed! “Are you still thinking about it?” “It’s a little hard […]

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The Sky is Falling #5

Click here to read Part I Part V “What do you mean?” Maria had kept a medium sized diary on the table which left us staring at each other “This diary has all our answers?” Ashley asked. Maria nodded. “This diary has all the information I collected in the last two weeks. After days of […]

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The Sky is Falling #4

Click here to read Part I Part IV Falling? Was my nightmare coming true? Would the sky engulf us all? Or, just a few of us? After I hung up, George came up to me, eyebrows raised. I nodded my head, perplexed. “Peter can see a white sky” He said “An empty canvas, he said. […]

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The Sky is Falling #3

Click here to read Part I Part III All the students were seated, when I reached the classroom. I kept my diary on the table and turned towards them, a book on Ancient Civilizations in hand. “Let’s begin our class” I said, slowly, making up my words, “The climate is changing fast” I scanned the […]

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The Sky is Falling #2

Click here to read Part I Part II “How can it change? Is it some scientific phenomena? Apocalypse? Is this the end?” I was pacing the room, impatient. “You say it was red?” George asked. He was sitting on the sofa, legs crossed and an expression of excitement like a 5-year old, pasted on his […]

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The Sky is Falling #1

Hello readers! I hope you all are doing well 😊 I’ll take a moment to thank you all for cheering me on and supporting me in this journey of self discovery. I am ever grateful to everyone. I’ve discovered that gratitude takes very little time yet, is fulfilling. Right now, I am in the midst […]

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Fatherhood – a short story

Alia came face to face with the greatest lie of her life which surrounded her for seventeen long years. She didn’t have a father, although Mr. Roy considered her the oasis in his deserted life. Alia had often seen the picture of a man in the unused corners and drawers of her mother’s cupboard. Some […]

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Chapter 5 “She is dead!” I looked at the house, unable to believe everything he said, as Subir continued. “I was there when she died. Some neighbours rushed in to help her because you see, the heart attack came when she was in the courtyard sitting under the sun. Apparently she was mumbling about some […]

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Click here to read chapter 1 Chapter 4 I looked at him blankly. I couldn’t understand. “But, I saw a lady!” “The wish” he sighed. “Let’s talk over chai. Come, dada. It’s not wise to stand here” I followed the man out, my curiosity elevated to touch the sky. “What wish?” I asked “Please tell […]

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