Wings on Fire

They often had wonderedWhat lay beyondThe skin that they despisedThe bones that they longed to crackThe flesh that didn’t need to born They often had wonderedWhat goes on in the cageOf the entrapped soulCrying of sundered longingsSurrounded with heaps of coal They wondered yetWhat harm it isIf the wings could flyAnd to let her breatheAnd […]

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Where the mind is without fear

Today is Rabindra Jayanti, that is the 159th birthday of India’s first nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. He was born on 25 Boishakh, that is the 25th day of the Boishakh month of Bengali calender. His poems, songs, stories and art are a part of daily life of every bengali and even others. He has blended […]

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We have so many sides to usyet, we show the one “they” adorewho wouldn’t be called madwho would conform to all the normsfit in the society like a dresswithout questions We have sides that define usand others that control uswe have sides that we fearthe quagmire of expectationsgives way to a crisisof “who we are” […]

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Stranger inside my own skin

Long since ‘you’ control me I’ve forgotten who I am or used to be My soul seems estranged Every part of my body is sore My limbs are tied And mouth is gagged As shadows slowly crawl up my legs I feel you choking my fractured existence My fears come alive at once All eyes […]

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My tribute to “The Legend”

It’s 20th July 2019, the second death anniversary (It hurts) of Chester Bennington, the former lead vocalist of one of the biggest rock bands ever, LINKIN PARK I wrote the poem ‘Tonight…’ inspired by one of the songs of Linkin park, “Shadow of the day” from their third studio album, Minutes to Midnight I am […]

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Ruins of my heart…

I was never skilled at building But I had bricks of love and care I laid them one upon another Tried so hard to build it strong It withstood tempests, violent And rage of deadly quakes I thought we all made it solid enough Poor heart! It didn’t have an inkling That a single blow […]

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You can never reach me!

You are a living nightmare, Corpses line your fence You stink of stale blood That you gashed out of me, Invisible in your wicked hands Like all the crimes you commit. You twist my soul And break my bones Stab the same wound time and again You relish at the sight Of the thick red […]

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Words,that talked…

You might say that words don’t speak, But I’ll say that they do! They talked with me often enough Reciting anecdotes countless, of you I could hear you speak, your distinct voice Through the words that you wrote I was the captured, bewitched by your charm Whom you held on for so long Your laughter […]

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Over the walls

You can look over the walls I won’t turn down for sure You might see a city in ruins Or one in building But neither can I promise you edifices, tall Nor statues or monuments of flawless beauty Decorated with magnificent flowers The palace in there isn’t great, Not embellished with glittering gems You might […]

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I loose my touch with sanity as I desperately try to be practical, To decide but all I can do is get entangled in the mess I have created I want to love him, cherish him, make him feel invincible again I want to be his force, make him feel proud But all I can […]

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