As night descends, a pall falls upon life. I find myself in the middle of the meaningless chaos and the mind-numbing emptiness in this absurd universe. I feel cold, terribly cold, alone, out here in my mind. I try to find meaning, but I can’t seem to accept the absurdity that life brings, the infinitesimal […]

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My father is 49 and he has loads of stories to tell. Stories, perhaps one of the things that are easily stripped off its real value, are really more important than we make it sound. Everyday, can be a story if you think about it. While it enhances memory, I believe stories have an effect […]

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17/05/2020 I’ve avoided writing about my feelings for a long time now. I was afraid, that it would all come out incoherent and macabre, that sudden realisation would kill me. Denial seemed easier, fake yet the facade could hide the cracks effectively. Now, as we are bobbing up and down the crisis, now that my […]

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The Zahir

“Zahir” is an arabic term meaning, something which is obvious, external and manifests. In Sufism, Zahir refers to the actions of the person and Batin refers to the underlying intentions. The man, whose Zahir is missing, which is fast filling up every space in him, sets out in search of his wife(who is Zahir) and […]

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Lights, camera, action!

Since the day we are born, we are assigned roles to go about each day in different phases of our lives. Without questions, we play our roles and effortlessly so, we act. This acting is internalised so much so that we cannot separate it from our being. Yet, we are not ourselves when we act. […]

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Echo Quote#4

My soul reeks of your smell Fenced with your ashes Inept, I try to forget Attached, I try abandon My soul reeks of love Years after, I fell in love with the memories again So now, I am surrounded with text books but I do get inspired once in a while, actually more and words […]

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Socialised us!!

Hey, today I am going to share something interesting. Well it’s just purely my opinion and outlook towards the society. Anyone can disagree with me. Please let me know about your thoughts in the comment section and patiently read up! 😊😊 Have you ever thought why we feel certain things? Why are there certain feelings […]

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Hey guys! Today, I really feel like sharing something with you all. I am an introvert and sometimes I even have difficulty interacting with people😅 On the contrary, I love to talk.I love my alone time as well, but not always. I just penned down what I felt and I hope u can connect to […]

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