Amorphous Love

Cleaning the bookshelf that day, I had stumbled upon past, rather a remnant of the forgotten past. It was 3 by the living room clock and my daughter was practising her violin lessons. The sweet melody awakening my numb pain, I sat down with the album, quite excited at finding a treasure and ready for […]

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The colours of her dream

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well! Staying away from WordPress is like a punishment for me, but it really can’t be helped for another two months, sadly. But in the midst of all this, I posted a few times and I am grateful for the support I got. Thank you for encouraging […]

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“We’re all broken mummy, aren’t we?” I dumped the washed clothes into a clean bucket and looked at her.The weight of her sudden thought made no effect on her as she kept munching on the bar of chocolate, eyes glued to the television. “Why do you think so, Daisy?”I asked, a small compassionate smile playing […]

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It was 6 0′ clock by my watch. I looked at the setting sun at the horizon and smiled, sadly. Even the sun wasn’t infinite. It left me every night, faking permanence through the waning moon, which glowing faintly was a reminder of my dwindling existence. I had to survive another night, like every other […]

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I have been dreaming about her for a week. She seldom left my mind. She had lured me into this maze of desire, a desire to know her, find her, feel her. Was she my phantasm, a creation of my mind? She seemed real, for she had shaken up my numb senses. I was determined […]

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Hello, my passionate readers and bloggers, I am truly grateful for the support that you all give me. If not for you all, I wouldn’t have the zeal to work harder and harder each day. A big THANK YOU to all! I want to say that I am changing the address of my blog and […]


The realisation

I was in my father’s farmhouse. The flat, back in the city, suffocated me. It was around three in the afternoon when, I went for a walk. I had the papers with me which burnt my soul with each passing moment. My heart ached but I felt numb. I walked by the ‘High Noon Lane’. […]

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Together, at last!

She reached the wooden bridge at precisely 4pm; the appointed place and time. The greenery leaned onto the railings from both sides and the fast flowing torrent below emitted hissing noises. She looked around. Located on the outskirts, the ‘bridge of love’, infamous for the various anecdotes of forbidden lovers, would hide them from everyone. […]

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“But we have already climbed a lot of stairs!” The six year old, Mark exclaimed to his elder brother,David. They had to climb a flight of stairs to reach the playground. “Don’t look back. Look at the stairs in front of you” “But that’s too many stairs again!” “Want a chocolate?” The elder one asked, […]

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