Are we aware enough?

“Rape Culture” is a sociological concept which defines a social setting where rape and sexual violence is normalised and justified through social norms, institutions and tools. The more horrifying fact is that it’s not a myth, it’s real and it’s staring right at our face. About two hours ago, I read a news that The […]

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People, Assemble!

“The devil’s agents may be of flesh and blood, may they not?” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle(The Hound of the Baskervilles) Quoted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a physician and writer, the creator of the legendary Sherlock Holmes, nothing could be more apt to convey my feelings. Hello, everyone This post is triggered by a very […]

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Did women have a renaissance?

‘Renaissance‘ was the name given to the period of fourteenth to sixteenth centuries marked by social, cultural and political changes in Europe (basically started from Italy) The society broke away from the domination of church, became anthropo-centric from theo-centric and started believing in a humanist outlook, a human-centric universe along with the ‘rebirth‘ of roman […]

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Durga pujo: My escape

Just when the season of autumn commences, the inhabitants of Kolkata find an auspicious escape from their monotonous pattern of life. We embrace the season while preparing ourselves for the resplendent festival that had been continuing to sprinkle it’s stardust upon us from times immemorial; Durga puja. One visiting Kolkata at the time of pujo […]

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The Moon and Sixpence

“What makes you think you have any talent” He didn’t answer for a minute. His gaze rested on the passing throng, but I do not think he saw it. His answer was no answer. “I’ve got to paint” Hello… today I am posting something different. Let’s talk about a book ; The Moon and Sixpence […]

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