Running from myself…

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I was never good at sports. I was always, too fat, too slow, too lazy or too embarrassed to run. On second thoughts, I am never good at anything.

From time immemorial, I’ve been like this as if I’m meant to be. Who chose what I get to become? Not me, of course.

Once, I’d tried without success, to run. I fell down. I tried to fly, they chopped my wings. No, it didn’t hurt. I didn’t even feel it, I was numb.

How do you forgive yourself for all the people you’ll never become? You’d never be the genius, the best-seller author, the world famous singer, the god-gfited artist…

Presently, I run as if there were you at the other end. I run, every day, away from myself, in search of me.

~A fugitive

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Stay safe and take care 😊

© Tryst with mind- 08/09/2020

9 thoughts on “Running from myself…

  1. I remember, at some point in my life, thinking what I decide to do now will set my course. And hereon, with my every decision, my range of choices will narrow, and narrow, and narrow, until I have no option but to follow that course.
    As it turned out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. We don’t have to stay in that chosen track. We can change our course, and change ourselves. All it takes is an understanding of what you want, and the determination to get it.


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