The Sky is Falling #6

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George cuddled up to me. We were in the terrace, lying on the mat, gazing up at the queer sky.
I looked at a reddish black sky and he, at a dark green. We were special indeed!

“Are you still thinking about it?”

“It’s a little hard to believe you know! It’s incredible” George said and I agreed.

“But I am still not satiated. She didn’t tell us why I see a red sky and you green. Why does Ashley see a broken sky of all the people?”

“She would tell us tomorrow, Claire. It’s just a few hours. In the meantime, we could actually think about it and reach at our own conclusions you know!” George raised his eyebrows at me.

“Well, red stands for passion, power and danger. Isn’t it? Does that mean I am dangerous?” I laughed.

“But it’s the colour of love too” George said in a gentle whisper

“You are fiery Claire. You are emotionally very intense. You are strong and passionate. Perhaps that’s why you see red”

I was seriously impressed by his explanation.

“And you?” I said “Green stands for freshness, vitality, life and energy. It is justified. You are always jovial and cheerful. You feel so fresh”

“But green also means jealousy and greed” George said “It’s like everything in this universe has a white and a black side, isn’t it?

“Ashley must be broken inside” I wondered.


We stared into space. The sky appeared calm, almost melting and I chuckled to think that it might reflect me.

“You see, we are different. Remember how you had fought for your freedom, for your job when mom said, you couldn’t work after we married? I supported you. We are different Claire and above all, we are not scared to be different. We don’t live fearing the unknown, submitting to the norms we have created. I would rather see a green sky forever than a blue one”
I looked at George and smiled.

“Will the sky always be like this? Would it rain red liquid?” I thought aloud.

George clasped my hand in his, still looking at the sky.

“A queer sky has stars too, isn’t it Claire? Can you see the stars?”

So, yeah that’s the end! I hope you enjoyed the story. Do share your thoughts with me and help me grow☺️

Also, I am sorry for being a little irregular…

Thank you for reading ❤️

© Tryst with mind- 04/07/2020

25 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling #6

  1. Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! I am awestruck. My mind is blown. Literally blown. Like you have nuked my mind with this extraordinary piece of yours. Trust me. Literally trust me this the Best. The bestestestest. I don’t know if that word even exist or not but who cares, you have written it so very amazingly we have to find words outside the box to match the greatness. This was so amazing. I found a different calm in the end. As if, a pure vibe of thoughts, flowing through my mind and soul while I read each and every word. I have told you a million times before that your writings, your words always pierce my heart, but this one, did not just pierce it, but took my heart away into the fantasy land with it. Amazing. I am astonished. This was literally, the exact thing I Had in my mind. I did linked Red Sky with Power, Love, Danger and the fact that my theory was correct made me more happy.
    But do you know what that means for you? It means you were able to project your thoughts inside the brains of your readers perfectly. Like amazing. I am at loss of words, even then I am speaking so much, 😂 then just imagine if I hadn’t lost my words then how much more I could have spoken. I really loved how George comforted Claire and explained the colours of the Skies. Like I could feel George saying those things, in front of me. I was inside the story.😌

    Further I would like to tell you one more thing that I absolutely loved the way you addressed the “Head and Tails” of the universe. I mean how everything thing has a bright and dull side. Duality is the very basis of universal existence and the way you portrayed it in the story is absolutely mind-boggling. Even Ramyanistic wouldn’t be equal to the greatness of the whole series. And choices of words and flow are few of the things which are now-a-days amazing in each and every of your pieces. Fantastic.

    Concluding to this over-excited and extra large Comment. This is absolutely the best short series I have ever read till date by any writer. You once again proved why I call you my favourite writer. You never fail actually.
    In short

    This was totally Amazing and the best short story. I loved it and will be waiting for more such series. ❤️❤️❤️

    Thanks for bearing with this long and reading the ultra big Comment with full patience. And sorry for holding up this much of your time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    🔥Keep writing and amusing people ❤️🌹

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Woahhh Preetam, I loved reading this comment man, it made my day(night for now!) I tried to make the ending peaceful to give it a nice closure. I am soo glad it worked.

      And great that your theory worked! This proves you have a very creative mind to understand the inner workings… You already make me feel so good.

      Like you said, duality is the basis of this universe. But you are just praising too much aren’t you?😂😂
      I can’t be the best writer you ever came across! Besides, you are always biased towards me 😙

      Nevertheless, thanks so much!! This is a sweet reminder that I need to keep on working hard❤️


      1. Well naah! I ain’t praising too much. It’s too little. I wrote what I literally felt. And I ain’t biased towards you😂 every person has their own favs, I have stated my choice. That’s it🤷🏻‍♂️😂💞 anyways. Once again. I loved it. Yup. Keeping working hard😌😊 looking forward to read more such.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Each and every lines you wrote was beautiful and that’s why I wonder how you will bring an end to this. You need a master piece sentence and you brought it really well. “A queer sky has stars too, isn’t it Claire? Can you see the stars?” Mind blowing end. Enjoyed it altogether dear Ramyani. Go ahead with such series.🤩👍💚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so glad that I came here late, and got to read all episodes at a stretch. This was amazing, Ramyani!

    Whenever I look at the evening sky, your story will surely cross my mind. I wonder if certain people do have such strange visions. 😅

    I enjoyed each and every bit of it. Wonderful series, Ramyani. Keep writing! ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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