The Sky is Falling #5

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Part V

“What do you mean?”

Maria had kept a medium sized diary on the table which left us staring at each other

“This diary has all our answers?” Ashley asked.

Maria nodded.

“This diary has all the information I collected in the last two weeks. After days of searching on the internet and the National Library for some lead, I found an article in a website. It is stacked in such a remote corner of the internet that I was hugely lucky to find it. The article was an excerpt of the incomplete research on a manuscript named The Social Prism

“I have heard that name!” Ashley cried out, suddenly.

“Where?” I asked, curiosity mounting.

“In a book. Now, I have forgotten what it was about” She started thinking, when Maria interrupted.

“Maybe you will remember when I reveal everything to you, Ashley. Well I couldn’t have done all the research without Alan and Esther here, who are my dear friends. Alan knows a great deal about Alchemy

“Alchemy! That’s so cool!” George exclaimed and received a warm smile and a nod from Alan.

“Do they see a weird sky as well?” Peter, George’s work friend asked, who was also invited.

“Precisely” Alan smiled.

“Tell us about The Social Prism” I said, for any kind of derailment was unbearable for me.

“Yes. It was written about 2000 years ago. No one knows who wrote it. As society evolved, people forgot about the manuscript. It was unearthed much later in the 19th century and is in the National Archive now.
A research was initiated but left incomplete because the government banned any kind of research or study on the manuscript. The unpublished findings of the study is available over the internet but much of it is lost now”

“Why did the government ban the study?” Victoria asked, acting mouthpiece for all.

“Because the government claimed that the theory was anti-social and would give rise to a deviant sect that would destroy the structural foundation of the society. The society thinks the theory is false, only it isn’t” Esther explained.

There was tangible silence lingering about in the room, as everyone tried to digest the information. I felt I could touch the tension if I wanted to.

“Woah!” George exclaimed.

“What’s the theory then?” Ashley asked.

“According to it, society is an external fact that influences our being. It is a social fact. It exercises social control. We know all this. What we don’t know is this.

There takes birth a certain number of people every generation who are not conformist, who are not mute imitators of what the society imposes. For them the world is different. Their colours are different. It goes through the prism, here, the social prism and comes out as different colours, not the colour the society tells us. Our colours do not merge with everyone else’s, and our differences manifest in actual reality. That’s why we see different colours, sometimes even broken” Maria looked at Ashley, softening visibly

“For us, the world is what we are”

The world is what I am?

“The blue sky is normal, a conventional sky for the society. But for us, normal is what we make it. We do not fit in, because we have the courage to stand out. We belong to that group”

Maria left us gaping at each other.

Are all the questions answered?

Stay with me to find out the ending ❤️

Thank you for reading! Stay safe and take care

© Tryst with mind-24/06/2020

13 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling #5

  1. Woaaaaaaaaaah woaaaaaaaaaah woaaaaaaaaaah! I am literally at loss of words. I mean I don’t know how to express this. First of all, I should let you know that the wait was worth it. This piece is absolute stunner. Fantastic. Amazing. These are just mere words which cannot say how amazing this part is. So I shall go forward and use the word I created. It’s Ramyanistic. Woah. I haven’t used this word for quite a long time. Duh😂

    Now back to the story. This part of the story, just completely bent the story over on a different plan. It’s like U- turn. You know what makes this part different than the other parts. It’s like Sand and stones
    This part and other ones. You can hand pick the two different themes and separate them. But but but… That what makes this piece more interesting and the whole short story series more legendary. I am dying to see how will you tie the two ends. I am sensing a huge turn from here. A perfect climax. I personally have lots of theories in my mind which makes, reading this more exciting. And every question that arises in my mind in the previous part is perfectly and literally answered in the next part. It’s as if you already know what questions your readers may ask. And that’s something great for a writer, to be able to predict. you deserve much praise for that. Idk. I can’t wait, For the next part. Itssss fantastic. Brooo. Idk what else to say. Just plllllleeeease release the next part soooooon. Can’t wait. Cheers🥂❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You have pledged to make me feel good, is it? 😂😂

      Thank you so much Preetam. I am very very glad. I am very honoured, to say the least that you actually analysed the story and thought about theories. This shows how considerate you are. Thanks a lot!❤️

      This part is just my favourite because it explains a fictional theory I created and I had given much thought to it😅
      The next part is pretty much same, a continuation. I don’t know if the ending will leave you satisfied or not, whether will find a great turn or not… But I can tell you that I tried my best in tying all the ends.

      So, the wait is almost over! Thanks again❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woah! You have no idea. I literally just opened by WordPress to check if you have replied to the Comment. And here you are🤣🤣🤣🤣 great timing boss🤣 and yeah. That’s what I pledged. And I am waiting for the end…… Don’t worry, I am overconfident that the last part will leave me more than Satisfied. I know. I know deep down😁 and also I will see if my theory is matching or not😜 so I am excited overall


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