2019 Tag for my blog, thanks Vaibhavi ❤️

Hello guys! So, I am back with this post ( for which, btw I am so very happy).

I am actually a novice as I started blogging just a few months back and have seen many ‘award’ and ‘tag’ posts often. I have wondered whether I would be able to post this anytime soon. Lo and behold! I am here. 😃

This is my first ‘tag’ or achievement as my blogger friend Vaibhavi( Life and leisure)said. She has been extremely kind and generous to nominate someone like me. Lol! 😂

Okay, these are the rules-

Thank the person who tagged you

Answer the questions

Tag some more beautiful people and give them questions.

Now, it’s my turn to answer the questions. 😋

1.What gives you inspiration to write?

I feel that the person who inspires me constantly to write is ‘Me’. The driving force is just the wish to express my thoughts and feelings. Being an introvert, I can say that writing is an escape for me, from the monotony of school life.

2.Are you a spiritual person or you just believe in yourself?

Oh yes, I am somewhat spiritual but I believe in myself more.

3.What does ‘Karma’ mean to you?

Karma is what you do today, whether good or bad, it always determines your future. I do believe that it comes back to you.

4.Do you think communicating is the best way to solve a problem?

Yes. I feel that lack of communication results in a form of distance which may become unbridgeable after some time. Communication will ensure a form of exchange even if argument so that the eternal silence of distance doesn’t happen to survive.

5.Where do you see yourself in future?

This is sadly funny because I still have not planned firmly but in the process of deciding and acting on those. But I know this, anything I do in future or wherever I would be, I shall be happy. 😊

6.Any book you’d like to suggest?

Now, I am sorry. When it comes to books, I just can’t control myself and choose one because there are so many beautiful books out there.

There is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This is a masterpiece telling us to follow our dreams and hearts no matter what.

Then, Love in the time of cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This depicts the eternal strength of true love.

And obviously,The kiterunner by Khaled Hosseini.

These three books really influenced my life and gave me a more refined outlook towards the same.

7. What do you think about Life and leisure?

Life and leisure are a few of the words that have a deep meaning( not being philosophical though😂) It is a time where one is happy, doing what one wishes to do.

And my friend Vaibhavi gives beautiful glimpses into the awesome thing called Life.

I feel that I am no one to nominate other efficient bloggers. But yes, i would surely have the fun to write some questions down. Anyone out there can answer those and have fun!

1. What is the one precious dream in your life that you want fulfilled no matter what?

2. What is your dream job?

3. If you are the only person on Earth and you can have any one supernatural power, what will it be and why?

Good day!! 😃😃

29 thoughts on “2019 Tag for my blog, thanks Vaibhavi ❤️

    1. Oh it’s wonderful 😃You will find a new light in your life and I believe you will be overwhelmed with happiness. I did feel enlightened after reading 😂

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  1. 1. What is the one precious dream in your life that you want fulfilled no matter what?

    -> Dr. Kalam said: “Dream is not which comes to you when you are a sleep, dream is something which doesn’t let you fall a sleep…..”

    I have seen old parents have been thrown out just because of their age pls don’t do this…a person who gave birth to you and according to his will he just took care of you and a day came you just thrown him out. A very shameful act. Parents nourish their children and parents are nourished by our Indian culture. All we want to be great in life and the ways to become great are also easy. If we do this then we automatically remove or stop “Orphan Children, abortion, teenage pregnancy, etc. (due to premarital relationship)”

    2. What is your dream job?

    -> Actually Nothing,  because I  want to join any company for 3-4yrs to learn relationship skills, communication skills, management skills. After that I’ll start my own organization their students can learn ethics, know about Indian culture, values of parents in our life or simply said that a educational institute based on our Indian Culture at minimal cost. (If my friends supports BTW my parents is ready for this)

    3. If you are the only person on Earth and you can have any one supernatural power, what will it be and why?

    -> Actually I have a supernatural power. And that is my thinking. Let me explain “You are a creator of your own destiny and you are a destroyer of your destiny. Never treat yourself as a slave of circumstances. Believe in yourself & your parents. And go ahead”. This is a supernatural power that we/I can do anything in my life.

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    1. This is an excellent answer to my trivial questions.
      You are absolutely right, dreams are what keeps us alive and our parents are our constant support in realising our dreams. It’s our duty if not anything else, to take care of them in their old age. My heart grieves with pain at the thought of helpless parents turned out by their own children.
      And I am sure you will be able to start your own organisation. You have your parents by your side. Nothing is impossible and u are planning a noble deed.
      And I loved your third answer. What you said is true and and u believe on these too.
      Thank you soo much to give your precious time to answer these questions. Loved reading them!! 😊😊

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      1. My friend said that:- “If reading is involved in hobbies then there is no shortage of time, then not precious time is written which we read.”
        BTW I want know about your views or answers of that questions😛

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      2. Well, actually I had written down those questions because I was myself in the quest of their answers 😂
        But, as of now, my only dream is to make my parents proud( and try to write a book someday, which I know may not be my cup of tea😂😂😂)
        And I wanna travel the world too. Now, that’s too much of dreams.😅
        I really don’t know my dream job. I am kinda searching for it.
        And the last question, any supernatural power? Well, I think I would need the power to go back to past, because I will not want to be alone in the world. 😂
        But on a serious note, the idea of being able to realize one’s dream and follow one’s heart is kind of a supernatural power for me.

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