“But we have already climbed a lot of stairs!” The six year old, Mark exclaimed to his elder brother,David. They had to climb a flight of stairs to reach the playground. “Don’t look back. Look at the stairs in front of you” “But that’s too many stairs again!” “Want a chocolate?” The elder one asked, […]

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The untold love story

My mind is a nameless therapist To my heart It mends its endless lists My mind is a charlatan who assumes it has a logic To everything the heart feels Sprinkling its little magic Whenever the heart reels. My mind is a fighter Telling my heart that all is okay When it’s broken and depressed. […]

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When I saw that I really had 200 follows in wordpress, I was like, is this a dream? I began writing when I was in class 7. I used to write childish stories which now makes me laugh. Nevertheless they are memories! ☺️ (I remember one story where I had written about a vacation of […]

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আমি বাঙালি

Aami Bangali Translation: I am a Bengali. 21st February This day is observed worldwide annually as International Mother Language Day( IMLD) It promotes the awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and the protection of every language as a legacy of different communities. But, this was actually first announced in the year 1999 by UNESCO and […]

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The sleeping town

I look at a sleeping town As quiet as if death befell it. The doors and windows keep shut always No one dares to peep. Houses covered in eternal mist Live in an era of ignorance Not even cries and screams penetrate, The fog leaves them in a trance. People turn a deaf ear to […]

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The traveller #CCC

I stand on an old marshy road, Debating whether to walk on I didn’t have any such load Of memories or things, whatsoever I am just a lonesome traveller Trudging on through the mud No footprints ahead or behind me, I am totally alone. The nature around me allures my eyes As when I had […]

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The bleeding rose

The rose bleeds our love Tells the story of what we lost Decayed to its core, Dead, as it appears to most But i know it has a heart Which beats fast An echo of our love, Which, decaying yet lasts. Sad, with the uncertain events that turned up, I have a surgery today. I […]

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Socialised us!!

Hey, today I am going to share something interesting. Well it’s just purely my opinion and outlook towards the society. Anyone can disagree with me. Please let me know about your thoughts in the comment section and patiently read up! 😊😊 Have you ever thought why we feel certain things? Why are there certain feelings […]

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