Running from myself…

I was never good at sports. I was always, too fat, too slow, too lazy or too embarrassed to run. On second thoughts, I am never good at anything. From time immemorial, I’ve been like this as if I’m meant to be. Who chose what I get to become? Not me, of course. Once, I’d […]

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Wings on Fire

They often had wonderedWhat lay beyondThe skin that they despisedThe bones that they longed to crackThe flesh that didn’t need to born They often had wonderedWhat goes on in the cageOf the entrapped soulCrying of sundered longingsSurrounded with heaps of coal They wondered yetWhat harm it isIf the wings could flyAnd to let her breatheAnd […]

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Top 10 Quotes by Existentialists

Have you ever come across the term “Existentialism”? In simple words, it’s a philosophy which states that our lives have no inherent meaning per se, no predetermined purpose and we, through our own choices and actions, give them a meaning. I’ve always been fascinated by existentialism. Frankly, it provided me with a deeper understanding of […]

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If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal Paulo Coelho Hello readers! I hope you all are doing well. So, in May 2018, I had gone on a 17- day tour to a few places in South India. It was a unique experience. I am sharing a few pictures I clicked during the […]

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As night descends, a pall falls upon life. I find myself in the middle of the meaningless chaos and the mind-numbing emptiness in this absurd universe. I feel cold, terribly cold, alone, out here in my mind. I try to find meaning, but I can’t seem to accept the absurdity that life brings, the infinitesimal […]

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The Sky is Falling #6

Click here to read Part I Part VI “Claire” George cuddled up to me. We were in the terrace, lying on the mat, gazing up at the queer sky.I looked at a reddish black sky and he, at a dark green. We were special indeed! “Are you still thinking about it?” “It’s a little hard […]

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The Sky is Falling #5

Click here to read Part I Part V “What do you mean?” Maria had kept a medium sized diary on the table which left us staring at each other “This diary has all our answers?” Ashley asked. Maria nodded. “This diary has all the information I collected in the last two weeks. After days of […]

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