Lights, camera, action!

Since the day we are born, we are assigned roles to go about each day in different phases of our lives. Without questions, we play our roles and effortlessly so, we act. This acting is internalised so much so that we cannot separate it from our being. Yet, we are not ourselves when we act. […]

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The Liebster Award!#2

Hello my dear readers! I am really happy and honoured to be back with an award post. I have been nominated by Anisha. She is very kind and an amazing blogger. Do visit her blog😊 Crazy Nerds What is the Liebster Prize? The Liebster Prize is an award that exists only on the Internet and […]

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Stranger inside my own skin

Long since ‘you’ control me I’ve forgotten who I am or used to be My soul seems estranged Every part of my body is sore My limbs are tied And mouth is gagged As shadows slowly crawl up my legs I feel you choking my fractured existence My fears come alive at once All eyes […]

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3.2.1 Quote me:Gratitude

Hello my dear readers! I hope you all are well!😊I was tagged by Suni to participate in 3.2.1 Quote me and the topic is GRATITUDE. My friend Suni is an amazing blogger. She loves cooking and her recipes are appetizing. She also writes sweet and refreshing poems. Don’t forget to check out her blog! Fragrant […]

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Some limbs of life

Some branches are just desolate, bifurcated from the core, unlike the blossoming, ornate bough of life, some limbs are empty, devoid of love, lost in the chaos of activity, yet thriving against oblivion. Hello everyone! Well I am partially back with this small and random thought of mine. Some bitter-sweet memories in our life are […]

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It was 6 0′ clock by my watch. I looked at the setting sun at the horizon and smiled, sadly. Even the sun wasn’t infinite. It left me every night, faking permanence through the waning moon, which glowing faintly was a reminder of my dwindling existence. I had to survive another night, like every other […]

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My tribute to “The Legend”

It’s 20th July 2019, the second death anniversary (It hurts) of Chester Bennington, the former lead vocalist of one of the biggest rock bands ever, LINKIN PARK I wrote the poem ‘Tonight…’ inspired by one of the songs of Linkin park, “Shadow of the day” from their third studio album, Minutes to Midnight I am […]

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Ruins of my heart…

I was never skilled at building But I had bricks of love and care I laid them one upon another Tried so hard to build it strong It withstood tempests, violent And rage of deadly quakes I thought we all made it solid enough Poor heart! It didn’t have an inkling That a single blow […]

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You can never reach me!

You are a living nightmare, Corpses line your fence You stink of stale blood That you gashed out of me, Invisible in your wicked hands Like all the crimes you commit. You twist my soul And break my bones Stab the same wound time and again You relish at the sight Of the thick red […]

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